You’re Teaching My Child What?:
A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education
and How They Harm Your Child

Originally published in 2009, and re-released in paperback with new preface in 2023,
by Miriam Grossman, M.D., Regnery Publishing

Although first published 14 years ago, Dr. Grossman’s book remains one for our debased age, a stark attestation of the potentially breathtaking harm posed by the lies and propaganda of comprehensive sex education that has been foisted on children. Her bravery in writing this book is impressive, given that much of the sordid material covered in You’re Teaching My Child What? was much less well-known in 2009 than it is today.

The author is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and an expert on sexual health, who has worked with thousands of students over the years. She admits that writing her updated preface was “bittersweet,” since the red flag warnings she waved in 2009 “alerting parents to the appalling content and dangerous lies of sex ed did not get the attention they deserved, and too many have, and still are, paying the price.” But she is hopeful that the paperback release of her work “will reach a larger audience; there’s renewed interest in my analysis of sex education because of my newest book, Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness.” Certainly, her 2009 book could have been written today.

Grossman reveals how sex education proponents and activists ignore or distort the scientific facts about sexuality, biology, and health, and instead promote a liberal ideology that encourages sexual exploration, experimentation, and acceptance without regard for the risks and consequences. Advice and “guidance” offered by prime sex ed purveyors including Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, Advocates for Youth, and the obscene websites they promote such as Scarleteen, only serve to delude, confuse, and pervert the minds of young people, who believe these “experts” are acting in their best interests.

The book covers many important topics, such as the development of the brain from infancy to the teen years and into young adulthood, and describes the scientifically proven biology that makes the male and female brains so different. Grossman discusses the physical differences between male and female bodies and emotions, repeatedly disproving the lie that boys and girls develop sexually as a result of cultural expectations and influence, with little or no regard for biological reality.

She states: “Gender is culturally assigned? I don’t think so. And neither can any person who follows neuroscience in this century ... but the betrayal continues, hard science is scorned, and phony theories canonized.”

Perhaps most alarming are the dangers of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, which the author shows are devastating for all, but which are greater for females and for males who have sex with other males. While the sex educators continue to trumpet the myth of “safe sex,” which is a widely accepted falsehood in our society, the reality is much grimmer. The startling facts Grossman presents show that even those who use condoms correctly and faithfully will eventually become infected if they follow the “all sexual behavior is normal” with as many partners as one wishes mantra of the sex educators.

But most impressive overall for this reviewer is the large body of scientific evidence woven throughout the pages of this important book, ranging from medical and psychiatric research to statistics, case studies, and personal references. It shows clearly and sometimes graphically how sex education does everything but protect children and teens from harm.

Grossman admits that this evidence wasn’t available in the 1960s and ’70s, when much of the sex ed gospel according to Alfred Kinsey and John Money was blessed by liberal education activists and increasingly embedded in school curricula. As Grossman demonstrates with authority in Chapter Seven, “science in the twenty-first century supports the stereotypes SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, and other sex educators are telling kids to reject,” but savvy readers will recognize that an ideological agenda is being promoted, not scientifically-based or age-appropriate sex education.

Along the way and especially in her final chapter, Grossman offers practical advice for parents on how to counteract the lies of the sex educators and teach their children the truth about sex. She emphasizes the importance of parental influence and oversight, even if their teens shrug it off. She writes: “When you speak to your child, stay grounded in your love and common sense. Your opinions count more than you think....” She points out that children are not “miniature adults” and “do not understand the world the same way you do.”

You’re Teaching My Child What? is an easy must-read for parents who want to protect their children from the harmful effects of comprehensive sex education and empower them to make healthy and responsible choices about their sexuality. If nothing else, this book will arm them with a well-rounded knowledge of their children’s true biological and emotional development, which should help them navigate the madness of a propaganda machine that Grossman writes is “over the edge.” Parents need not remain in the dark; the facts are available to protect their families.

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