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Special Edition: May 2024

Biden Administration Sounds Death Knell for Title IX

For 52 years, the regulation known as Title IX has been subject to political winds and judicial rulings, but observers say the Biden Administration’s new attack on the law will sound the death knell for its alleged original intent: the fostering and protection of women’s sports at institutions that accept federal funds. The new regulation is slated to take effect this August.

A five-minute Prager University video on Title IX's changes shows former Trump Administration Education Secretary Betsy DeVos lamenting that “the celebrated law meant to promote opportunities for girls and women has, thanks to progressives, been turned against them.” DeVos points out that Title IX’s 37 words affirming that women “cannot be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial aid, are being twisted to mean something entirely different.”


Controlling the Minds of Babes:
Mental Health Interventions Wreaking Havoc on Kids

As a result of social and emotional learning (SEL) standards, mental health interventions for school children have become accepted practice among mental health experts, school health centers and personnel, and some parents. For those unfamiliar with the term, SEL involves the manipulation of students’ minds “to embrace CRT, LGBTQ, and other leftist agenda items.” (See Education Reporter, September 2023). It has also opened the door to a whole spectrum of mostly unnecessary mental health diagnostic tests and treatment for schoolchildren.

SEL notwithstanding, this push to diagnose, treat and/or medicate virtually every child is the logical conclusion to decades of government meddling in students’ psyches (as described by Phyllis Schlafly in her March 2005 report). As usual, Phyllis was way ahead of her time in predicting that all children would ultimately be subjected to mental health screenings and that the “pharmaceutical corporations [were] gearing up for bigger sales of antidepressant and psychostimulant drugs.”


Study Shows Private School Students
More Knowledgeable in Civics

In April, the journal Educational Psychology Review published the results of a new study showing that private schools, and especially religious private schools, are more likely to turn out students better educated in civics.

University of Arkansas Professor Patrick Wolf and M. Danish Shakeel, a professor at the University of Buckingham in the U.K., along with several graduate student assistants, conducted the statistical meta-analysis. According to the researchers, such analyses have seldom been done to verify [or refute] claims that “government-operated schools are more effective than private schools at promoting such civic values as political tolerance, political participation, civic knowledge and skills, and voluntarism and social capital (i.e., community engagement).”


What Books Should Kids be Reading?

(Fourth in our series of recommended reading lists for children of all ages. We will continue this feature in Education Reporter until all our lists have been republished. — Ed.)

Classic children’s books are scarcely to be found in school classrooms and libraries today, so parents must ensure that their kids are reading books that educate, absorb, and entertain in a manner that stimulates curiosity and increases the child’s eagerness to learn about the world.


Book Review

Bad Therapy:
Why the Kids Aren’t Growing up

by Abigail Shrier,
Penguin Random House LLC, 2024


  • Encouraging state-level news includes Louisiana’s approval of a bill requiring the Ten Commandments to be posted in every classroom throughout the state, and Tennessee’s nod to criminalizing adults who help children access gender transition procedures without their parents’ consent.

  • With all the emphasis on mental health screenings and interventions, one organization has a novel idea for de-stressing schoolchildren and encouraging them to be kids.

  • The Satanic Temple (TST) is vowing to place “chaplains” in Florida's public schools after a new program was signed into law on April 18 by Governor Ron DeSantis allowing volunteer chaplains to act as counselors.

  • A Bill Gates-backed math curriculum called “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction” teaches kids that traditional math education is “White supremacy,” and shows teachers how to become “antiracist math educators.”
  • More

Be Our Guest:
Contributing Author Essays

Brainwashing campus activists starts long before college

Originally published by the New York Post, May 5, 2024. Reprinted by permission.

Americans shocked at the aggressive protests on our most elite campuses often imagine these kids have become brainwashed while away at school. That indoctrination certainly does take place. Yet the process for most starts far earlier, often in the K-12 years — or even before.

What we’re seeing on our campuses is the culmination of many years of leftist activists pushing kids to the forefront to spread their propaganda. And it’s not remotely just board books like “A is for Activist” that introduce toddlers to the idea of protest before they even set foot in school.

By Karol Markowicz,

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